Version 10 (modified by stefan, 7 years ago) (diff)

jump to element under cursor

Shortcuts (that are not visible in the menu)

  • set the main document by double clicking (left mouse button) on the tab
  • completion (control+space) of
    • LaTeX commands
    • BibTeX entries after \cite{
    • labels after \ref{ and \eqref{
    • referenced labels after \label{
    • directories and files after \include{, \input{, \includegraphics{, and \bibliography{
    • words
    • entries in BibTeX files
  • expansion of live templates (tab after template name)
  • quick help for LaTeX commands (control+q on a LaTeX command)
  • quick jump to element definition under cursor (control+b) (works with file names, labels, user defined commands, and bibtex key)
  • correction of misspellings (alt+enter)
  • (un)comment code (control+d / control+shift+d)
  • (un)indent code (tab / shift+tab)
  • switch to previous / next tab (alt+left / alt+right)
  • go to previous / next differences in a diff view (alt+up / alt+down)