Inverse Search

The inverse search allows you to jump from a certain position in your dvi, ps, or pdf file to the corresponding position in your tex sources. A lot of document viewers support the inverse search, e.g.

  • kdvi
  • okular
  • Skim

Set up inverse search in your document viewer


Go to Settings -> Configure Okular -> Editor. Choose Custom Text Editor and enter the following as editor command:

jlatexeditor "%f:%l"

You can initiate the inverse search by pressing shift + left mouse button.


Go to Settings -> Configure KDVI -> KDVI Specials. Choose User-Defined Editor and enter the following as shell command:

jlatexeditor "%f:%l"


Go to Skim -> Preferences -> Sync. For PDF-Tex Sync Support choose Custom and for Command enter:


and for Arguments enter:

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