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Forward search allows you to jump from a certain position in your tex project to the corresponding position in the dvi, ps, or pdf file. Several modern document viewers support the forward search, e.g.:

  • okular
  • kdvi
  • Skim
  • xdvi

If you are using one of these viewers, you can set up the forwards search in the JLatexEditor by choosing one of the viewers under Settings -> Forward Search. For other viewers you have to specify the viewer command in the Thereto select Settings -> Global Settings and search for forward\ search.viewer. Here you can specify the command to open your favorite document viewer at a certain position. Use

  • %file to refer to the file name of the master tex file without extension (e.g. use %file.pdf to specify the generated pdf file)
  • %texfile to refer to the tex file you are currently working in
  • %line to refer to the line number in the currently open tex file