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Ticket Summary Component Version Type Owner Status Created
#140 font problem after java update from 1.6.0_16-b01 to 1.6.0_22-b04 editor defect new Dec 3, 2010
#18 let user set file properties in the head of the file editor task new Jan 13, 2010
#19 alt+1 should use the default compilation general task new Jan 13, 2010
#20 allow setting a default compilation method in the settings dialog general task new Jan 13, 2010
#46 write short installation guide for different operating systems website task new Mar 12, 2010
#180 need shortcut to jump back and forth to previous/next cursor position in history editor task new Jul 11, 2011
#65 popup "The following documents have been externally modified and reloaded" does not always disappear after some seconds general 0.1 defect new Jun 7, 2010
#219 diff colors remain after closing a diff editor 0.2 defect new Mar 28, 2012
#220 control+c does not work in diff view editor 0.2 defect new Mar 28, 2012
#24 mark differences to last svn version already in the editor by coloring the lines general enhancement new Jan 13, 2010
#90 wish for the enhancement of the functionality of "Find" general enhancement stefan assigned Sep 5, 2010
#222 automatic word wrapping editor 0.2 enhancement new Apr 30, 2012
#224 Spellcheck inside commands general 0.2 enhancement new Jun 28, 2012
#241 "control + shift + page down" should move the current tab to the right general 0.2 enhancement new Aug 26, 2016
#242 Live template editor should be closable with "esc" general 0.2 enhancement new Aug 26, 2016
#4 test the editor under windows general task new Dec 6, 2009
#10 make style easy adjustable editor task new Dec 23, 2009
#37 intelligent code completion for regularly appearing terms like \item in an itemize environment editor task new Feb 24, 2010
#39 block selection mode editor task new Feb 24, 2010
#42 automatic import of packages when a command is not found by the compiler editor task new Feb 24, 2010
#62 generalize handling of document properties and allow easy adaption general task new May 24, 2010
#63 allow easy and jar independent overriding of every configuration file general task stefan accepted May 24, 2010
#72 implement "find in project" as control+shift+f general task new Jun 28, 2010
#74 implement quick open file via control+shift+n general task new Jun 29, 2010
#75 implement quick jump to label via control+n? general task new Jun 29, 2010
#82 allow setting line markers (e.g. via control+shift+<number>) editor task new Jun 30, 2010
#83 allow setting line bookmarks (via control+shift+b) editor task new Jun 30, 2010
#84 implement split screen like in kate and other editors editor task new Jun 30, 2010
#92 open password dialog when svn requests authentication against gnome-keyring general task new Sep 6, 2010
#94 consider to use svnkit for svn integration general task new Sep 10, 2010
#104 add facility to export tex project into a single, cleaned up .tex file general task new Sep 24, 2010
#117 would be great to have a grammer checker editor task new Oct 12, 2010
#182 add quick help for environments, documentclasses and packages editor task stefan assigned Jul 24, 2011
#184 split out spell checker code as external library general task new Aug 9, 2011
#221 ask user for confirmation before closing unsaved document general 0.2 task new Mar 28, 2012
#13 anti-aliasing adjustement editor defect rena new Jan 3, 2010
#66 sometimes the error list remains empty although errors are shown in the tree general defect new Jun 18, 2010
#11 slow rendering of tikz plot editor enhancement reopened Jan 3, 2010
#34 catch x11 exception general enhancement new Feb 9, 2010
#179 rethink layout of main page website enhancement new Jul 11, 2011
#205 do not collapse nodes in structure view when saving project general 0.2 enhancement new Dec 6, 2011
#78 implement renaming of file names by pressing f2 or shift+f6 within an \input{} command editor task new Jun 29, 2010
#188 catch FileNotFoundExceptions when executing system commands general 0.2 task new Sep 27, 2011
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