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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#52 latex compiler parser links to a non-existing file "TeX" instead of the correct file defect minor compiler
#9 save and use last font settings task normal editor
#12 replace feature enhancement minor editor
#16 suggest labels in \ref{ with control+space enhancement normal editor
#27 undo/redo complete words instead of single characters enhancement normal editor
#38 reformatting feature for LaTeX tables (nice arrangement of cell content) task normal editor
#73 pressing f3 when search has been already closed should open with the last search again stefan task normal editor
#81 offer file creation when pressing alt+enter on an non-existing file of an \input or \include command stefan task normal editor
#178 keystroke control END does not work anymore defect normal editor
#181 command and environment completion should only show frequently used ones in the beginning enhancement minor editor
#185 quick help throws an exception in stable version (tgz version) stefan defect major editor
#198 F3 does not work anymore if search input field has focus defect minor editor 0.2
#200 suggest to create command when it does not exists or has not been imported task normal editor 0.2
#203 completion for \bibliographystyle stefan task normal editor 0.2
#30 page up/down does not work in completion list stefan defect normal general
#31 automatically open completion list when using command templates that have a completion option stefan task normal general
#32 add \section, \subsection, ... to predefined commands stefan task normal general
#33 reopen last session after the start of JLatexEditor task normal general
#60 SCEFileChooser should be replaced with a better one task normal general 0.1
#71 implement quick jump for \ref{...} stefan task normal general
#77 implement quick jump for commands (jump to command definition) stefan task normal general
#112 run GC when clicking on the memory info in the status bar stefan task normal general
#118 allow to disable start of multiple JLE instances (ask for opening in current instance) task normal general
#177 deb package is missing libs defect minor general
#183 hiding the mouse cursor when typing on the keyboard enhancement normal general
#186 provide an editor for live templates stefan task normal general
#187 make usual GUI fonts configurable (at least their size) stefan task normal general
#204 provide ubuntu package for oneiric task normal general 0.2
#223 Cancel button of template editor does not work defect normal general 0.2

Resolution: duplicate (1 match)

Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#147 option to rename files after \include{ stefan task normal editor

Resolution: worksforme (1 match)

Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#199 pressing F3 does not always navigate to the next occurrence but the one after next defect normal editor 0.2
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