JLatexEditor is a cross-platform open source LaTeX editor. The editor is in constant development. It is well-tested on Linux and Mac OS X, but has to be considered pre-alpha version, and only for experimental use for Windows.

Operating System Support

  • GNU/Linux: yes
  • Windows: highly experimental (not yet for production use)
  • Mac OS: yes

The support for Windows will be improved in the next stable release.





  • syntax highlighting:
    • red marking of undefined labels in \ref), non-existing .bib entries in \cite, and non-existing files in \input, ...
    • yellow marking of unused labels in \label
    • fast bracket identification (including highlighting of nested brackets)
    • user defined highlighting of latex commands and their parameters
  • live spell checker (aspell and hunspell integration)
  • multi-level completion of
    • LaTeX commands, environments, packages, and documentclasses (level 1 shows most frequently applied items, level 2 also the less frequent ones, and level 3 just all)
    • directories and files after \input{, \include{, and \includegraphics{ (level 1 shows only suitable file types, level 2 all files)
  • completion of
    • bibtex entries after \cite{
    • labels after \ref{
    • referenced labels after \label{
    • package names after \usepackage{
    • environment names after \begin{ and \end{
    • document class names after \documentclass{
    • bibliography styles after \bibliographystyle{
    • tikz packages after \usetikzlibrary{
    • beamer themes after \usetheme{, \usecolortheme{, \usefonttheme{, \useinnertheme{, \useoutertheme{
    • words which have already been used in the document
  • refactoring
    • command extraction: allows you to create a macro from existing LaTeX code
    • renaming of commands, labels, environments, and bibtex entries
    • realignment of table columns
  • forward search and inverse search
  • command templates and user defined live templates
  • quick help for LaTeX commands
  • LaTeX compiler integration
    • separate lists for errors, warnings, overfilled hboxes
    • jump to code position with one click
    • advanced latex output parser (we usually point to the right error location)
  • diff integration (compare two files)
  • version control
    • svn integration
    • local version history (see what you have changed in the last minutes, hours, and days)
  • show document structure and allow quick jump to sections
  • quick jump to element under cursor (file, label, command, environment, bibtex entry)
  • fast file creation: just press alt+enter over an non-exsisting file after an \input{, \include{, and \includegraphics{ command
  • shortcut for closing current environment
  • new environments are closed automatically (if not yet done)
  • automatic indentation when starting a new block (opening bracket, opening environment, continuing item text)
  • support for scripting (Haskell) within latex documents (svn version)
  • tree magic helps to create beautiful tikz trees within seconds (svn version)

In work

  • multi-language support (partially available)

How to get involved?

There are several way you can contribute to this project:

Source code

  • checkout from subversion (user "anonymous" with empty password):
    svn co JLatexEditor
  • build and run:
    ant runJLatexEditor
  • Development


Developers that took part in the development of JLatexEditor:


This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the GNU General Public License version 2.

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